Travel Plans


Travel Plans

We have carried out some of the UK’s most innovative and quoted travel plans.  Our first commission was Derriford Hospital, Plymouth in 1995 and we have carried out over 30 travel plans subsequently in universities, colleges, hospitals, local authorities and private sector organisations.  We were responsible for the Pfizer travel plan at both the manufacturing facility in Sandwich (Kent) and at the European Corporate HQ at Walton Oaks (Surrey).  In Walton Oaks we pioneered the parking cash out intervention which rewards those who use modes of transport other than the single occupancy vehicle user.  Our approach to travel plans is distinctive and effective:

  • Exploit best practice for the kind of activity under consideration
  • Exploit international best practice
  • Take into account local geography and local base line travel choice data
  • Questionnaire on travel behaviour (on-line if possible)
  • Identify potential for behavioural change from questionnaire results
  • Focus groups involving 10% of the staff to understand organisational and cultural factors
  • Detailed design of measures and interventions
  • Detailed negotiations with transport operators
  • Media and publicity
  • Management and implementation (including advice on staffing and budgets)
  • Monitoring


Depending on local circumstances and the degree of commitment on the part of the “owner” of the travel plan we can reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips by 15-20%.

Our travel plan work includes residential travel plans (e.g. West Tower on the Liverpool waterfront) and tourism travel plans (e.g. the Transport 2000 study “Tourism without traffic” for East Sussex County Council)

Recent work on travel plans has included a project with Transport for London on the integration of databases for the trip generation characteristics of new developments and an outline of a new national standard for travel plans designed to produce a significant increase in quality in all UK travel plans.