Transport Policy & Strategy

We have produced transport strategy documents and plans for Kolkata (Calcutta) and Beijing and in the UK for Lancaster and Guildford.  We have produced a national transport investment model for the government of Australia and contributed to other transport strategies to produce sustainable transport solutions to problems of air quality, carbon emissions and social exclusion. 

We operate over the complete spectrum of possibilities ranging from a city-wide transport strategy covering all modes and airports through modal strategies (e.g. how to double cycling levels) through area wide strategies (e.g. how to remove rat-running traffic) through to health based strategies (e.g. reducing obesity and deaths and injuries on the roads).

Transport assessment

We provide a full range of evaluation and assessment services on the transport impacts of new developments and for planning purposes on the transport assessments of sites carried out by other consultants.  We have carried out TAs on major leisure developments (e.g. Xanadu in Wigan) and provided assessments of TAs on mixed use retail and housing development (e.g. Canal Corridor North in Lancaster) and leisure e.g. the gateway project in South Cumbria.

Transport and masterplanning

We have carried out major projects on the transport aspects of masterplanning e.g. we were part of the successful consortium responsible for the masterplanning exercise of Allerton Bywater (near Leeds), Britain’s’ second “millennium village”.  We were responsible for internal transport design, links with the external network, demand management, walking and cycling.

European sustainable urban transport

John Whitelegg was a member of the European Commission expert working group on sustainable urban transport which produced its final report in January 2004. This report reviewed European urban transport problems and made a number of recommendations to the Commission designed to deliver sustainability in European urban transport

EU Sustainable Urban Transport Report