Transport & the Economy

Eco-Logica has developed a distinctive specialism in the area of transport and the economy. In 1994 we produced a report “Roads Jobs and the Economy” the purpose of which was to evaluate and analyse data on the much claimed link between building roads, job creation and economic development benefits. The report shows that the evidence is weak in the extreme and that the majority of these claims are false.

This work continues on aviation where we have produced several reports showing that the economic impact of new runways, terminals and expanded capacity is wildly exaggerated and based on highly selective analyses and methodologies. The relationships between transport infrastructure investment and local economic impacts is still central to much of the argument for the non-sustainable trajectory of transport policies and we offer:

  • A full analysis of the economic case for roads, airports etc identifying the flaws in the case made by the promoter
  • A review of the very large global evidence that the case is generally weak and over-stated
  • An analysis of externalities and negative economic impacts on climate change, health, housing and congestion
  • An analysis of negative social impacts and the regressive nature of transport impacts (they transfer resources to wealthy groups and damage poorer groups)