Public Transport

We have extensive experience of public transport operation (rail, bus and LRT) in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland and can offer a comprehensive service on producing high quality public transport services in the UK based on:

  • The highest standards of vehicles, cleanliness, security, emissions, reliability, punctuality and attractive fares
  • Innovative fares policies such as the Frankfurt “job-ticket” and discounted fare deals linked to travel plans
  • Routes, headways, service density, type of vehicle
  • Integration with travel plans, personalised journey planning, demand management and road pricing
  • Advice on s106 agreements and developer contributions
  • Community transport and innovative projects such as free public transport and the German experiment with providing minibuses to rural communities for those communities to run themselves
  • Carrying bicycles on all public transport vehicles and integrating public transport with walking and cycling improvements (e.g. service buses in Woden, Canberra (Australia) carry bicycles as do trams in Basle (Switzerland)