Personalised Journey Planning

John Whitelegg was heavily involved in the York “Intelligent travel” project funded by DfT in England.  This produced a 16 percentage point decrease in car trips and increases in walking and cycling.  We offer a full PJP service including:

  • Basic design, setting of objectives and policy linkage
  • Carrying out baseline and subsequent transport behaviour surveys including use of GPS and satellite technology to avoid errors in travel diaries and questionnaire recollection
  • Designing a full set of incentives ranging over walking and cycling maps and incentives, free public transport, personal information and home visits
  • Full and statistically robust analysis of the effectiveness of interventions including independent checks of PJP projects carried out by other organisations
  • Detailed discussion with transport operators and health processionals about the design of interventions and links with other policies
  • Setting up and running a call-centre (as in York) to make direct contact with participants and to recruit participants
  • Producing fully costed proposals and delivering projects on time and on budget to agreed targets