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Note: Reports on some these projects may be found on our Reports page.

A Guide to Achieving Traffic Reduction Targets in England and Wales (a technical evaluation of road traffic reduction policies for the promoters of the Road Traffic Reduction Bill which is now the 1998 Road Traffic Reduction Act)

An Evaluation for South West T.A.R. and the Countryside Agency of the Wiltshire Wigglybus experiment for Rural Access and SWARMMS Strategy "Joining in Public Transport: Key issues for Rural Access"

Australian Government: Consultant on its "Building Better Cities" project.

Australian National Transport Secretariat (Brisbane): "Selected international transport investment and funding frameworks and outcomes"

British Airways: Consultant on environmental management training.

Cabinet Office (UK government): European comparisons of transport policy focussing on best value and social inclusion.

Communities Scotland (Inverness): Monitoring and Evaluation of the rural partnerships for change programme

Countryside Commission: New rural transport assessment methodology

Countryside Commission: "Roads and the Economy"

CPRE: Transport and Land Take

CPRE Northwest England: The economics of aviation in NW England

Cumbria County Council: Advice on its Lake District Traffic Management Strategy

Danish Transport Council: Managing the demand for transport

DETR: Advice on parking standards and modal shift possibilities as an input into the revision of PPG 13

European Council of Regions: Transport strategies for Croatia

European Commission: Consultant to DGXI on road freight

European Parliament: Consultant on economic and fiscal incentives for a cleaner environment.

European Parliament: Impact of EU enlargement on transport demand in Eastern Europe

Evaluation of alternatives to a new highway, Bodmin, Cornwall (local community groups)

Evaluation of alternatives to the Barnstaple, Lancaster and Carlisle bypasses

Evaluation of alternatives to the Birmingham Northern Relief Road (local community groups)

Evaluation of measures to solve access, amenity and school trip problems in a village (Melling, Lancashire) with heavy traffic on its main street

Greenpeace: "Driven to Distraction: the impact of supermarket shopping on traffic and the environment"

Greenpeace: "Driven to Destruction: Absurd freight movement and European road building"

Greenpeace: "Roads, Jobs and the Economy"

Kendal Transport Strategy Group: Traffic reduction and transport strategy for Kendal

North West Regional Assembly (Wigan, UK): "An assessment of demand management strategies"

OECD, Paris: Review of best practice in green commuter strategies

National Cycling Strategy: Delivering a national marketing strategy for the national cycling strategy (DETR funded)

Powerful Information: Transport strategies for Romania

Reigate and Banstead Council and Tandridge Council: Preparation of a waste strategy for East Surrey and development of alternatives to incineration

Safe Alliance: "Driven to Shop: Transport Intensity and the Environment"

Scottish Homes: Guide on sustainable materials and construction

Scottish Homes: Life Cycle Analysis of Housing

Settle-Carlisle Business Forum: A Report on the closure of early morning through services on the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle line and the impact of this closure on rural economy and rural transport

Simon Woolf Foundation: An economic, social and environmental appraisal of the Thames gateway Bridge, London

South West T.A.R: Report on soft factors (Critique of the Halcrow Report)

Sustainable Transport policies in Calcutta (local NGOs)

Swedish parliament: Impact of the Oresund link (connecting Malmo and Copenhagen) on local environment

Thematic Network: "Improvement of sustainability strategy elaboration for economic, environmental and social policy integration in Europe" European Commission

Traffic and sustainability - appraisal of options for the new football stadium in Brighton

Traffic impact of proposals for a new football stadium in central Newcastle (local community groups)

Transport and General Workers Union: A report on the health of professional drivers

Transport 2000 and the Ashden Trust: Economic, social and environmental impact of aviation.

Transport 2000 Trust: Rural Transport Futures

Transport 2000 Trust: Wise Moves (freight transport, logistics, supermarkets, retailing and greenhouse gas emissions) funded by DEFRA

WWF UK: "Freight Transport, Logistics and Sustainable Development"


TRAVEL PLANS Back to the top

British Telecommunications (Re-location of staff)

Transport strategy for Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

Transport strategy for Riverside NHS Trust (Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham)

Transport strategy for Pfizer UK (Sandwich)

Transport strategy for Pfizer UK (new European corporate HQ at Walton Oaks, Surrey)

Pilot projects to test rural transport assessment methodology (Countryside Commission)

Transport strategy for Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield, London (The Chase Farm NHS Trust)

Transport Plan Wrexham Maelor Hospital (NE Wales NHS Trust)

DETR/ETSU panel appointment to provide advice to the private sector on company transport plans/green commuter strategies

Car free tourism project with East Sussex County Council (UK)

Attracting non-car visitors to a major tourist attraction (Harewood Hall, Leeds, UK)

Company transport plan for Surrey County Council at County Hall, Kingston upon Thames

Company transport plan for Kent County Council at County Hall, Maidstone

Company transport plan for Durham County Council, Durham

Countryside transport strategy for County Durham, based on the TAIMS methodology (Countryside Agency)

Transport strategy for the West Midlands based on the TAIMS methodology

Transport Plan for Vale Royal Borough Council (Winsford, Cheshire)

Transport Plan for Derby City Council

Transport Plan for the Lake District Special Planning Board

Transport Plan for a number of businesses in Kendal (Cumbria)

Transport Plan for Wigan and Leigh College

Transport Plan for Swindon Borough Council

Individualised marketing and travel planning for Durham County Council staff and staff in adjacent premises funded by DfT

Input to the York individualised marketing project led by the Stockholm Environment institute, University of York and funded by DfT

A travel plan for visitors to the offices of Guildford Borough Council (UK)

A freight management plan for deliveries to the offices of Guildford Borough Council (UK)

South East England Development Association: Travel Plan for SEEDA and briefings with staff


PUBLIC INQUIRIES Back to the top

Evidence on the need for a new airport at Redhill, Surrey (public inquiry)

Evidence on the environmental impact of an incinerator at Redhill (public inquiry)

Evidence on the environmental impact of a second runway at Manchester Airport (public inquiry)

Evidence on the conformity of Heathrow Terminal 5 with sustainable development policies (public inquiry acting for LAHT5)

Evidence on the Broughton bypass, Lancashire (public inquiry)

Advice and evidence on the Barnstaple Bypass (Devon, UK)

An evaluation of the plans for a medical waste incinerator in Warrington and presenting evidence to the public inquiry (Warrington Borough Council

Preparing evidence on the Slyfield incinerator proposal (Guildford Borough Council)

Evidence on the proposal to build a new international airport at Finningley, Doncaster (UK)


DESIGN Back to the top

Design of ecologically high performing buildings for the British Council (Building Research Establishment, Watford)

Designing climate protection strategies for developing countries (WWF, Denmark)

Design of new forms of taxation for the transport sector (European Commission)

Design of sustainable transport solutions for Israel and local transport improvements in Tel Aviv (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel)

Design of sustainable settlement at Allerton Bywater in Yorkshire. Winners of the international design competition as part of the Aire Regeneration Partnership. The design will now be built to create a new "millennium village"

Design advice on a large (1500 dwellings) riverside mixed use development in Fulham, London to reduce traffic generation impact

Designing a transport strategy for Guildford (Surrey County Council)

Transport and sustainable development design for public housing renewal in Norris Green, Liverpool (Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Housing Trust)

Transport and sustainable development design for major sub-regional development strategy on the NE fringe of Liverpool (Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Housing Trust)


MISCELLANEOUS Back to the top

Membership of the European Union expert working group on sustainable urban transport

Producing an updated and web based transport appraisal documentation system for GOMMMS to be known as WebTag (in association with AEAT and funded by DfT)

Advice to Surrey County Council and chairing a public meeting on access problems in Leatherhead, Surrey

Speaking Tour of Australia and presentations and advice to the State Ministries of Transport of Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and to the Federal Ministry of Transport in Canberra and the National Greenhouse Gas office in Canberra

Member of the review group on the urban environment of the European Environmental Protection Agency Task Force.