About Eco-Logica


Professor John Whitelegg BA PhD LLB FRSA
Managing Director

John Whitelegg has worked on sustainable transport projects for 30 years and is the author of ten books and over 100 papers. He has worked extensively on consultancy and research projects for the UK local authorities, the European Commission, the Australian federal and state governments and many private sector clients including Pfizer, the US Pharmaceutical manufacturer.

John has worked extensively in China and India including projects to produce transport strategies for Kolkata (Calcutta) and Beijing. His main interests are in innovative demand management strategies, spatial planning to reduce the demand for transport, walking and cycling strategies, travel plans and road pricing. Recent projects include the York Intelligent Travel Project which produced a 16% reduction in car trips, a carbon assessment of the impact of the European Parliament two seat operation (the Parliament migrates 12 times each year between Brussels and Strasbourg), a national standard for travel plans with Transport for London, a report on logistics and food for the Mayor of London as part of the Mayor’s Food Strategy to increase the supply and consumption of local food in London, advice to the Australian Greenhouse Office in Canberra on the potential of travel plans for reducing carbon emissions, advice to the Australian Federal Government on a national transport investment model to deliver economic and climate change objectives.

John has pioneered many travel plan interventions in the UK including Derriford Hospital in Plymouth (1995) and the creation of a new public transport hub and Pfizer (manufacturing facility in Sandwich, Kent and European Corporate HQ in Walton Oaks, Surrey) on parking cash out and challenging parking ratios. John is currently editor of the journal “World Transport “Policy and Practice” and Deputy Chair of the Local Government Association Board on Regeneration and Transport.

Alan James BSc MA MLI
Project Manager

  • chartered landscape architect
  • geographer
  • urban planner
  • rural transport specialist

Dr Nick Williams BSc PhD ACIH
Project Manager

  • geographer
  • housing specialist
  • life cycle analysis
  • sustainable construction
  • energy
  • urban planning