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Author Index to Volume 1, 1995 Back to the top

ARP, H.A. Sustainable mobility versus sustained mobility: a summary & some concluding remarks wtpp01.2.pdf

BATCHELOR, A. A road too far wtpp01.4.pdf

BHATTACHARYYA, D. The throttling of a transport system: Calcutta tramways wtpp01.3.pdf

BLEIJENBERG, A.N. A future for air transport? wtpp01.3.pdf

BLEIJENBERG, A.N. Fiscal measures as part of a European Policy on freight transport wtpp01.2.pdf

BÖGE, S. The well-travelled yogurt pot: lessons for new freight transport policies & regional production wtpp01.1.pdf

GLOTZ-RICHTER, M. Living without a car wtpp01.1.pdf

HESSE, M. Urban space & logistics: on the road to sustainability? wtpp01.4.pdf

HILLMAN, M. Rejoinder to parental attitudes to children's journeys to school by Mary Sissons Joshi & Morag MacLean wtpp01.4.pdf

HOLZAPFEL, H. Potential forms of regional economic co-operation to reduce goods transport wtpp01.2.pdf

HOLZAPFEL, H. Violence & the car wtpp01.1.pdf

JAMES, A. A word on the street wtpp01.3.pdf

JOSHI, M.S. & MacLEAN, M. Parental attitudes to children's journeys to school wtpp01.4.pdf

KENWORTHY J. Automobile dependence in Bangkok: an international comparison with implications for planning policies wtpp01.3.pdf

KOOPMAN, G.J. Economic instruments for sustainable mobility: the case of freight transport wtpp01.2.pdf

KOPPEN, I.J. Dispelling the myth of transport growth: a critical appraisal & some introductory remarks wtpp01.2.pdf

LEMMERS, L. How Amsterdam plans to reduce car traffic wtpp01.1.pdf

LITMAN, T. Land use impact costs of transportation wtpp01.4.pdf

MARKHAM, J. The European railways perspective wtpp01.2.pdf

MARTIN, D., CANNELL, W. & GWILLIAM, K. Reducing the impact of freight transport on global warming: the potential of technical solutions wtpp01.2.pdf

MEES, P. Urban transport policy paradoxes in Australia wtpp01.1.pdf

NEWMAN, P. The end of the urban freeway wtpp01.1.pdf

PARRY, T. Transport for the visually impaired: a look at urban Britain wtpp01.4.pdf

PFLEIDERER, R.H.H. & DIETERICH, M. New roads generate new traffic wtpp01.1.pdf

RIEN, W & ROGGENKAMP M. Can trams carry cargo? New logistics for urban areas wtpp01.1.pdf

SHEATE, W.R. Transport policy: a critical role for strategic environmental assessment wtpp01.4.pdf

SHORT, J. Freight transport as an environmental problem wtpp01.2.pdf

SMITH, M. The changing role of cycling within Chinese transport policy wtpp01.3.pdf

STRUTYNSKI, P. A new approach to reducing road freight transport wtpp01.1.pdf

TOPP H.H. The role of parking in traffic calming wtpp01.3.pdf

WHITELEGG, J. & GATRELL, A.C. The association between health & residential traffic densities wtpp01.3.pdf


Author Index to Volume 2, 1996 Back to the top

ADAMS, J. Can technology save use? wtpp02.3.pdf

BEGG, H.M., HENDERSON, B., TYLER, P & WARNOCK, C. (The) impact of improved ferry services on an island economy: the case of Mull wtpp02.4.pdf

BIBBY, A. What about the workers? Teleworking & the trade union movement wtpp02.1,2.pdf

BÖGE, S. Freight transport food production & consumption in the USA & Europe (or how far can you ship a bunch of onions in the USA?) wtpp02.4.pdf

BRITTON, E. Conclusions & recommendations: The Information Society/Sustainable Development Symphony Orchestra wtpp02.1,2.pdf

HALLSWORTH, A.G., BLACK, C., EVANS, D. & TOLLEY, R. Assessing traffic-generated "dread" risk wtpp02.4.pdf

HATHWAY, T. Assessing the costs & benefits of cycle networks wtpp02.3.pdf

HILLMAN, M. (The) future of public transport: the dangers of viewing policy through rose-tinted spectacles wtpp02.3.pdf

HODSON, N. Oxtail: a true story wtpp02.1,2.pdf

HOEJER, M. Urban transport information technology & sustainable development wtpp02.1,2.pdf

HOWE, J. Road infrastructure investment in Bangladesh: environment under threat? wtpp02.3.pdf

LAKE, A. The city in 2050: how sustainable? wtpp02.1,2.pdf

MITCHELL, H. The social implications of telework: the UK experience wtpp02.1,2.pdf

MOKHTARIAN, P.L. (The) information highway: just because we're on it doesn't mean we know where we're going wtpp02.1,2.pdf

NILLES, J.M. What does telework really do to us? wtpp02.1,2.pdf

PESTEL, R. & JOHNSTON, P. Sustainability in an information society: view from the European Commission wtpp02.1,2.pdf

REUTTER, U. & REUTTER, O. Car-free households: who lives without an automobile today? wtpp02.4.pdf

ROOT A. & FIELDING, W.J. Placebo & panacea? Rural transport corridors: some social & environment issues wtpp02.4.pdf

SILVESTRINI, G. Road construction & economic growth from a southern European perspective, wtpp02.4.pdf

THEOBALD, R. Who said we wanted an information superhighway? wtpp02.1,2.pdf

TURNER, J., GRIECO, M. & KWAKYE, E.A. Subverting sustainability? Infrastructural & cultural barriers to cycle use in Accra wtpp02.3.pdf

WITHERBY, A.W. (A) path out of the wilderness? wtpp02.4.pdf


Author Index to Volume 3, 1997 (issue) Back to the top

AXELSON, T. When is a car NOT a car? (4)

BANNON, C. & COSTELLO, A. Transport & Health -- a biomedical perspective (4)

BASU, J. The underground railway system in Calcutta wtpp03.3.pdf

BHATTACHARYYA, D. Unco-ordinated public transport: Calcutta style wtpp03.3.pdf

BUCHAN, K. Trunk roads & the generation of traffic: the SACTRA report & associated Government guidance -- What does it mean & does it matter? wtpp03.2.pdf

CALLAGHAN, G. Changing industry behaviour: the role of prices & regulations (4)

CHAKRABORTI, D. Calcutta in pollution perspective wtpp03.3.pdf

CHLOMOUDIS, C.I. & PALLIS, A.A. Investments in transport infrastructure: Have the EU initiatives promoted their balanced & rational distribution? (4)

DAVIS, A.L. Developing a new consensus for physical activity in England: Evidence of the growing convergence of transport & public health policies wtpp03.2.pdf

DU PONT, P. & EGAN, K. Solving Bangkok's transport woes: The need to ask the right questions wtpp03.1.pdf

GINSBERG, G., FLETCHER, E., BEN-MICHAEL, E. & RICHTER, E.D. How many shall live? How many shall die? Deaths resulting from the trans-Israel highway & alternatives: a risk assessment (4)

HALDER, D.K., Transport predicament in Calcuttawtpp03.3.pdf

HALLSWORTH, A.G., TOLLEY, R. & BLACK, C. Local Agenda 21, sustainability, & British policy on foodstore location -- a case study wtpp03.2.pdf

HILLMAN, M. The future of air travel & international tourism wtpp03.1.pdf

JOSHI, M.S., MACLEAN, M. & CARTER, W. Children's journeys to school -- new data & further comments (4)

KATZEV, R. Car sharing: Breaking out of the transportation trap (4)

KER, I. & TRANTER, P. A Wish called Wander: Reclaiming automobility from the motor car wtpp03.2.pdf

KHAYESI, M. Livable streets for pedestrians in Nairobi: The challenge of road traffic accidents wtpp03.1.pdf

KNIGHT, L. Is telecommuting a panacea for urban transport ills? An Australian perspective wtpp03.2.pdf

KWAKYE, E.A., FOURACRE, P.R. & OFOSU-DORTE, D. Developing strategies to meet the transport needs of the urban poor in Ghana wtpp03.1.pdf

MATSON, L. Wrestling with the Octopus -- New approaches to tackling traffic & sprawl (4)

PETERSEN, R.M. Alternative fuels, alternative drive lines -- The route to improvements? (4)

SEN, J. The Left Alliance & the Unintended City: Is a civilised transition possible? wtpp03.3.pdf

SIEBER, N. Appropriate transport & rural development: Economic effects of an integrated rural transport project in Tanzania wtpp03.1.pdf

SILBORN, H. Heading for a new transport policy in Sweden wtpp03.1.pdf

VASCONCELLOS, E.A. The urban transportation crisis in developing countries: Alternative policies for an equitable space wtpp03.3.pdf

WHITELEGG, J. Sustainable transport solutions for Calcutta wtpp03.3.pdf

ZAUKE, G., & SPITZNER, M. Freedom of movement for women: Feminist approaches to traffic reduction & a more ecological transport science wtpp03.2.pdf


Author Index to Volume 4, 1998 (issue) Back to the top

BROWNING, R., HELOU, M. & LAROCQUE, P. The Impact of Transportation on Household Energy Consumption wtpp04.1.pdf

BUCHAN, K. From Consistency To Chaos (3)

CROSSET, J. Road Project Evaluation Techniques in the United States of America: A Case Study of the Boston Central Artery/Tunnel (3)

DAVIDSON, G., ROSELAND, M. & ALEXANDER, D. Area-Wide Traffic Management: An Innovative Strategy for Urban Centres wtpp04.4.pdf

GARB, Y. Sustainable Transport: -- Some Challenges for Israel & Palestine wtpp04.1.pdf

GILBERT, R. Reduced car ownership as a route to clean transport (3)

GINSBERG, G., SERRI, A., FLETCHER, E., KOUTIK, D., KARSENTY, E. & SHEMER, J. Mortality from vehicular particulate emissions in Tel-Aviv-Jafo wtpp04.2.pdf

GINSBERG, G., SERRI, A., FLETCHER, E., MOSHE, T., KARSENTY, E. & SHEMER, J. Mortality reductions as a result of changing to alternative powered vehicles in Tel-Aviv-Jafo wtpp04.4.pdf

GORIßEN, N. A Tea for the 21st Century: Sustainable Transportation in the USA wtpp04.4.pdf

GUNDER, M. (The) Free Lunch Public Transport Centre: A New Zealand case study on how to acquire 2,900 car parking spaces & $0.4 billion in public debt (3)

HAQ, G. & BOLHUIS, M. Dutch Transport Policy: From Rhetoric to Reality wtpp04.1.pdf

HAVLICK, S. & NEWMAN, P. Can Demand Management Tame the Automobile in a Metropolitan Region? wtpp04.1.pdf

HAZEL, G. Sustainable Transport: Edinburgh's Approach wtpp04.4.pdf

HOOK, W. Hungary's M3 Highway: Multilateral Development Banks undercutting each other's objectives (3)

JAMES, A. Exploding myths about the cost of car transport wtpp04.4.pdf

LAMBERT, B. From Curitiba to Quito: reserved traffic lanes for public transport as an ecological, an economic & a social policy for cities wtpp04.1.pdf

LEO, C. (The) North American growth fixation & the inner city: Roads of excess wtpp04.4.pdf

MEATON, J. & KINGHAM, S. Children's Perceptions of Transport Modes: car culture in the classroom? wtpp04.2.pdf

SANDQVIST, K. Are automobiles really benign members of the modern family? (3)

SCHEURER, J. Car-Free Housing in Europe A New Approach to Sustainable Residential Development (3)

SCHILLER, P.L. High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes: Highway Expansions in Search of Meaning wtpp04.2.pdf

SWIDERSKA, C. & SHEATE, W.R. Solving the rural transport dilemma: a case study of North Devon wtpp04.2.pdf

TAYLOR, D. & FERGUSSON, M. The Comparative Pollution Exposure of Road Users -- A Summary wtpp04.2.pdf

VASCONCELLOS, E. Urban Transport & Equity: the case of São Paulo wtpp04.1.pdf

WAGNER, C. & SHAHEEN, S. Car Sharing & Mobility Management: Facing new challenges with technology & innovative business planning wtpp04.2.pdf

WIXEY, S. & LAKE, S. Transport Policy in the EU : A Strategy for Sustainable Development? wtpp04.2.pdf


Author Index to Volume 5, 1999 (issue) Back to the top

ABRAHAM, J.E. Carsharing: A survey of preferences wtpp05.3.pdf

BRADSHAW, C. How car-sharing will help re-establish the neighbourhood economy? wtpp05.3.pdf

BRADSHAW, C. How one family kicked the car habit wtpp05.3.pdf

BRITTON, E. Executive Summary (carsharing) wtpp05.3.pdf

BRITTON, E. Recommendations (carsharing) wtpp05.3.pdf

BRITTON, E. (The) Process behind this (carsharing) report [Annex A] wtpp05.3.pdf

BRITTON, E. Road map & compass (carsharing) wtpp05.3.pdf

BRITTON, E. What happens next? (carsharing) wtpp05.3.pdf

BRITTON, E. Why car sharing has not, cannot & will never work wtpp05.3.pdf

BROOK, D. So you want to start a car sharing service wtpp05.3.pdf

CLARK, G. Where is Stranraer now? Space-time convergence re-visited wtpp05.2.pdf

COUSINS, S. Carsharing? An alternative vision & a bit of history wtpp05.3.pdf

COUSINS, S. Carsharing kit -- Why wait for it to come to you? wtpp05.3.pdf

FLETCHER, E. Glossary wtpp05.4.pdf

FLETCHER, E. Road Transport, Environment & Social Equity in Israel in the new millennium wtpp05.4.pdf

GARB, Y. Introduction to the Special Issue on Transport in Israel & the Palestinian Territories wtpp05.4.pdf

GLOTZ-RICHTER, M. with RYE, T. The Bremen approach to carsharing wtpp05.3.pdf

HANSON, M. Exit or Voice: the Prospects for public transport user representation in Israel wtpp05.4.pdf

HAQ, G. & BAILEY, P. Scenarios for Transboundary Air Pollutants from the Transport Sector in Europe wtpp05.2.pdf

HARMS, S. & TRUFFER, B. Carsharing as a socio-technical learning system wtpp05.3.pdf

HOLZAPFEL, H. & VAHRENKAMP, R. An appraisal of decreased depth of production on traffic demand: development of a model wtpp05.2.pdf

HOWE, J. Sustaining Africa's rural road networks: The asset management approach wtpp05.1.pdf

KATZEV, R. Case study of the diffusion process wtpp05.3.pdf

KNIGHT, S. Urban cycling options in the free market wtpp05.1.pdf

LITMAN, T. Carsharing benefits to consumers & society wtpp05.3.pdf

LÖFFLER, P. City Logistics: A Contribution to Sustainable Development? -- A Contribution to the Discussion on Solutions to Freight Transport Problems in Urban Areas wtpp05.2.pdf

LUMSDON, L. & TOLLEY, R. Techniques for planning local networks: Developing a walking strategy wtpp05.1.pdf

MAOH, H. & ISAAC, J. (The) Status of Transportation in the West Bank wtpp05.4.pdf

MASSOT, M-H., ALLOUCHE, J-F. & PARENT, M. Praxitèle: Station car experiment in France wtpp05.3.pdf

MASSOT, M-H. Praxitèle, le concept, l'experimentation [Annex E] [in French] wtpp05.3.pdf

McKENZIE, C. Car-Free Cities -- Myth or Possibility? Exploring the boundaries of sustainable urban transport wtpp05.1.pdf

MEIJKAMP, R. Carsharing in the Netherlands wtpp05.3.pdf

MIGNOTTE, L. Caisse-Commune, Paris -- Progress report [Annex C] [in French] wtpp05.3.pdf

MUHEIM, P. CarSharing -- The Key to Combined Mobility wtpp05.3.pdf

NOVY, P. Austria -- CASUAL carsharing manual & comments [Annex B] wtpp05.3.pdf

PATTERSON, J. & PERL, A. The TGV Effect: A Potential opportunity for reconciling sustainability with aviation wtpp05.1.pdf

PLAUT P.O. Do telecommunications reduce industrial uses of transportation?: An International Comparison of Israel, Canada, U.S.A. & Europe wtpp05.4.pdf

PURNELL, S., BEARDWOOD, J. & ELLIOTT, J. The Effects of Strategic Network Changes on Traffic wtpp05.2.pdf

REYNOLDS, E., McLAUGHLIN, K. & NEVILLE, R.W. Recognising the revolutionary nature of car sharing wtpp05.3.pdf

RYE, T., SAUNDERS, J., ÇELIKEL, N. & SALEH, W. Edinburgh City Car Club Goes Live wtpp05.3.pdf

SCHILLER, P. & KENWORTHY, J. Prospects for sustainable transportation in the Pacific Northwest: a comparison of Vancouver, Seattle, & Portland wtpp05.1.pdf

SHAHEEN, S. CarLink -- A smart carsharing system wtpp05.3.pdf

SHAHEEN, S., SPERLING, D. & WAGNER, C. A Short History of Carsharing in the 90s wtpp05.3.pdf

SHIFTAN, Y. Response to parking restrictions: Results & policy implications of a stated preference survey in Haifa wtpp05.4.pdf

STRID, M. Sweden -- getting mobilised wtpp05.3.pdf

THØGERSEN, J. & NORRE, L. Who are the early adopters of car sharing? (Denmark) wtpp05.3.pdf

ZEGRAS, C. & GAKENHEIMER, R. Carsharing in Latin America wtpp05.3.pdf


Author Index to Volume 6, 2000 Back to the top

AKINYEMI, E. & ZUIDGEEST, M. Sustainable Development & Transportation: Past Experiences & Future Challenges wtpp06.1.pdf

BECKMANN, J. 'Moving together' -- on shaping automobilisation wtpp06.1.pdf

BRACHER, T. Demand characteristics & co-operation strategies for the bicycle & railway transport chain wtpp06.4.pdf

DALKMANN, H. Sustainable Mobility: How to move more goods from road to rail -- a comparison of Germany & the U.K. wtpp06.4.pdf

de MELO, J.J. The Vasco da Gama Bridge on the Tagus Estuary: A paradigm of bad decision making, but good post-evaluation wtpp06.2.pdf

HALLSWORTH, A. & TOLLEY, R. Urban hysteria & panic in the streets -- the British fuel blockade September 2000 -- a social interpretation wtpp06.3.pdf

HAUBER, J., KLEBER, A., MONHEIM, H., ROCHLITZ, J. & WOLF, W. Bürgerbahn statt Börsenbahn -- Über den Bankrott der Verkehrspolitik wtpp06.4.pdf

HOLZAPFEL, H. The outside world as a learning environment: Perspectives from child-oriented town planning wtpp06.4.pdf

HUWER, U. Let's Bike -- The 10 Point Pedalling Action Programme to support cycling wtpp06.2.pdf

KAUFMANN, V. Modal Practices: From the rationales behind car & public transport use to coherent transport policies. Case studies in France & Switzerland wtpp06.4.pdf

KOSTER, J.H. The Delft Low-Cost Mobility Statement wtpp06.3.pdf

LANZENDORF, M. Social change & Leisure mobility wtpp06.3.pdf

MCCLINTOCK, H. Professional training needs for sustainable transport: a case study of those responsible for planning for cycling & walking in the UK wtpp06.3.pdf

NEWMAN, P. & KENWORTHY, J. The ten myths of automobile dependence wtpp06.1.pdf

PLAUT, P.O. & SHMUELI, D.F. Sustainable Transport -- A Comparative Analysis of Israel, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom wtpp06.1.pdf

REUTTER, O. & BÖHLER, S. Car Sharing for Business: The Aachen region pilot project wtpp06.3.pdf

ROSS, W. Mobility & Accessibility: the yin & yang of planning wtpp06.2.pdf

SEATON, J. Pedestrian priority planning principles wtpp06.2.pdf

TRANTER, P. & LONERGAN, P. Traffic reduction versus development pressures: sustainable transport in Liverpool wtpp06.1.pdf

VANEK, F.M. Sustainably Distributed? An environmental critique of the UK Government's 1999 White Paper on Distribution wtpp06.2.pdf


Author Index to Volume 7, 2001 Back to the top

ALLAN, A. Walking as a local transport modal choice in Adelaide wtpp07.2.pdf

BURKE, M. & SEBALY, C. Locking in the pedestrian? The privatised streets of gated communities wtpp07.4.pdf

CAVILL, N. Walking & health: making the links wtpp07.4.pdf

DAVIS, R. Twisted Logic in the upside-down world of 'road safety' ideology: A case study of 'The Safety & Security issues of Women drivers & passengers' wtpp07.2.pdf

de BOOM, A., WALKER, R. & GOLDUP, G. Shanghai: The greatest cycling city in the world? wtpp07.3.pdf

GAFFRON, P. Editorial (cycling special issue) wtpp07.3.pdf

GAFFRON, P. Walking & cycling -- does common neglect equal common interests? wtpp07.1.pdf

GEMZOE, L. Copenhagen on foot: thirty years of planning & development wtpp07.4.pdf

GOODMAN, R. A traveller in time: Understanding deterrents to walking to work wtpp07.4.pdf

GRENGS, J. A Nicaraguan Street Clash wtpp07.3.pdf

HARRISON, J. Planning for more cycling: the York experience bucks the trend wtpp07.3.pdf

HILLMAN, M. Prioritising policy & practice to favour walking wtpp07.4.pdf

HOWE, J. The headloading & footpath economy -- walking in Sub-Saharan Africa wtpp07.4.pdf

JAMES, B. & BRÖG, W. Increasing walking trips through TravelSmart® Individualised Marketing wtpp07.4.pdf

JONES, E. Liveable Neighbourhoods wtpp07.2.pdf

JONES, M. Promoting cycling in the U.K. -- Problems experienced by the practitioners wtpp07.3.pdf

KATZEV, R., BROOK, D. & NICE, M. The effects of car sharing on travel behaviour: analysis of CarSharing Portland's first year wtpp07.1.pdf

KER, I. Deconstructing the future: assessing new initiatives in transport, including demand management & walking wtpp07.4.pdf

KINNERSLY, P. I Quit wtpp07.1.pdf

MADDOX, H. Another look at Germany's bicycle boom: implications for local transportation policy & planning strategy in the U.S.A. wtpp07.3.pdf

MATWIE, C.T. & MORRALL, J.F. Guidelines for a safety audit of bikeway systems wtpp07.3.pdf

MCCLINTOCK, H. Local Transport Plans, Planning Policy Guidance & Cycling policy: Issues & future challenges wtpp07.3.pdf

MCMILLEN, B. Making pedestrian facilities more usable & safer for all wtpp07.4.pdf

NIELSEN, S.K. Determinants of air travel growth wtpp07.2.pdf

PUCHER, J. The role of public policies in promoting the safety, convenience & popularity of bicycling wtpp07.4.pdf

RYLEY, T. Translating cycling policy into cycling practice wtpp07.3.pdf

RWEBANGIRA, T. Cycling in African Cities: Status & Prospects wtpp07.2.pdf

SARKAR, A.K. & JANARDHAN, K.S.V.S. Pedestrian flow characteristics at an intermodal transfer terminal in Calcutta wtpp07.1.pdf

STREET, J. Letter in response to the special issue on cycling, Volume 7, Number 3 (2001) wtpp07.4.pdf

TIWARI, G. Pedestrian infrastructure in the city transport system: a case study of Delhi wtpp07.4.pdf

TOLLEY, R Unfulfilled aspirations: a review of the Select Committee Report on Walking in Towns & Cities in Britain wtpp07.4.pdf

TRANTER, P.J. & KEEFFE, T.J. National symbolism undermining healthy transport policies? A case study of Canberra's V8 Supercar race wtpp07.2.pdf

WOODCOCK, A., LENARD, J. & WELSH, R. The Safety & Security issues of Women drivers & passengers wtpp07.1.pdf


Author Index to Volume 8, 2002 Back to the top

BRITTON, E. Toward a New World of Fair Mobility? Or … is it true that you can't get there, until you have been there? wtpp08.2.pdf

COZENS, P.M., NEALE, R.H., WHITAKER, J. & HILLIER, D. Investigating perceptions of personal security on the Valley Lines rail network in South Wales wtpp08.1.pdf

DAVIS, R. Another deluded car fanatic. Reply to 'A challenge for the imagination: How will ubiquitous wireless change cars?' wtpp08.4.pdf

DAWE, S. Strategic Environmental Assessment: a new paradigm for the EU? wtpp08.1.pdf

GANT, R. Enabling' transport for mobility-impaired people: the role of Shopmobility wtpp08.2.pdf

HILLMAN, M. Emerging Innovative Transit Systems: A sceptical view wtpp08.4.pdf

KENWORTHY, J. & LAUBE, F. Travel Demand Management: The potential for enhancing urban rail opportunities & reducing automobile dependence in cities wtpp08.3.pdf

KENWORTHY, J. & LAUBE, F. Urban transport patterns in a global sample of cities & their linkages to transport infrastructure, land use, economics & environment wtpp08.3.pdf

KINGHAM, S. & DONOHOE, S. Children's perceptions of transport wtpp08.1.pdf

LANGRIDGE, R.J. Unprofitable rural bus services: Market structure & tender prices since Deregulation wtpp08.4.pdf

LITMAN, T. Evaluating Transportation Equity wtpp08.2.pdf

MATTHEWS, B. The Disability Discrimination Act & developments in accessible public transport in the U.K. wtpp08.2.pdf

MITCHELL, K. Older people & road safety: Dispelling the myths wtpp08.2.pdf

PERKINS, A. Household-focused travel behaviour change initiatives -- Critical new tools in Travel Demand Management wtpp08.4.pdf

PORTER, A. Compromise & constraint: Examining the nature of transport disability in the context of local travel wtpp08.2.pdf

PORTER, G. Improving mobility & access for the off-road rural poor through Intermediate Means of Transport wtpp08.4.pdf

RISSEL, C., CAMPBELL, F., ASHLEY, B. & JACKSON, L. Driver road rule knowledge & attitudes towards cyclists wtpp08.4.pdf

RYE, T., SEAMAN, D., MCGUIGAN, D. & SIDDLE, D. Concessionary fares in Britain: what we need to know wtpp08.2.pdf

SANDQVIST, K. How does a family car matter? Leisure, travel & attitudes of adolescents in inner city Stockholm wtpp08.1.pdf

SCHNEIDER, F., NORDMANN, A. & HINTERBERGER, F. Road traffic congestion: The extent of the problem wtpp08.1.pdf

SCHNEIDER, J. Had enough of Auto-dominance yet? wtpp08.4.pdf

SEIBERT, G. A challenge for the imagination: How will ubiquitous wireless change cars? wtpp08.4.pdf

STEAD, D. Why rural areas in Britain will not benefit from lower transport fuel duty wtpp08.1.pdf

UPHAM, P. U.K. Regional Air Services Consultations: a summary of & commentary on the RASCO Reference Case wtpp08.4.pdf

YEATES, M. More about 'twisted logic' … the position of 'soft people' from an upside-down world of 'road safety' ideology wtpp08.1.pdf


Author Index to Volume 9, 2003 Back to the top

BROEKE, A. van den & WIM KORVER, W. Tourism by the elderly in Europe wtpp09.3.pdf

BRONZAFT, A.L. United States aviation transportation policies ignore the hazards of airport-related noise wtpp09.1.pdf

COPE, A., CAIRNS, S., FOX, K.,LAWLOR, D.A.,LOCKIE, M. LUMSDON, L., RIDDOCH, C. & ROSEN, P. The UK National Cycle Network: an assessment of the benefits of a sustainable transport infrastructure wtpp09.1.pdf

FEINBERG, M. An evaluation of the bicultural services of the McAllen Central Bus Station linking the USA & Mexico wtpp09.1.pdf

GUDMUNDSSON, H. Benchmarking & European Sustainable Transport Policies wtpp09.2.pdf

HART, P.E. The future development of air traffic in the UK wtpp09.1.pdf

HOLVAD, T. Public transport provision in two European cities -- Oxford & Odense wtpp09.1.pdf

HOLZAPFEL, H. Traffic without violence: The path to a vision wtpp09.3.pdf

IMRAN, M. & LOW, N. Time to Change the Old Paradigm: Promoting Sustainable Urban Transport in Lahore, Pakistan wtpp09.2.pdf

LOW, N. & BANERJEE-GUHA, S. The Global Tyranny of Roads: Observations from Mumbai & Melbourne wtpp09.2.pdf

LUNDBERG, J. Petroleum culture versus Earth living, and the fallacy of the technofix wtpp09.4.pdf

MARTE, G. Slow Vehicle Traffic is a more Attractive Alternative to Fast Vehicle Traffic than Public Transport wtpp09.2.pdf

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